NewVo Beauty Recaps the Benefits of Natural Oils, Like Argan Oil, for Hair

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) December 04, 2013

Online beauty supply store NewVo Beauty comments on an article that shares the best natural oils for hair and the benefits of each.

According to the Babble article published on November 26th titled “The Benefits Of Natural Oils for Your Hair,” using natural oils is one of the best treatments for all hair types. Natural oils can provide moisture and keep hair from getting dry.

The article details six natural oils that can benefit hair:

    Coconut oil: This oil can nourish hair and promote hair growth. It can help with those who have issues with dandruff and dry hair.
    Avocado oil: “Avocados have natural humectant properties that lock in moisture and it also acts like a natural SPF,” says the article. It also promotes shine and can help prevent hair loss.
    Castor oil: This oil is good to use on hair that is prone to split ends. Castor oil also leaves hair shiny and can tame frizz.
    Olive oil: Great for deep conditioning, this oil can protect hair by coating it with fatty acids. Try this oil if you use heated styling tools, like flat irons, often.
    Almond oil: Avocados have natural humectant properties that lock in moisture and acts like a natural SPF.
    Argan oil: Also referred to as ‘liquid gold,’ this oil helps tame fly-aways and keeps hair hydrated. For healthy and shiny hair, this is the product to use.

“Products containing natural oils are becoming increasingly popular,” says Sara Greenstone, a representative for NewVo Beauty. “Experiment with different oils to see what you like best. Your hair may react to them differently. Also make sure that your hair is soaking up the oils enough so it doesn’t have a greasy appearance.”

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