NewVo Beauty Suggests Using Argan Oil and Comments on the Top 4 Hair Tricks for Shinier Hair

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) September 02, 2013

Online beauty supply store NewVo Beauty recaps the top 4 tricks to achieving healthy and shiny hair, and recommends the use of argan oil.

According to an August 30th article published by titled “4 Quick Tricks for Shinier Hair,” while the term ‘shiny’ may not be something you want to achieve cosmetically, shiny hair is often desired.

While most at-home remedies require the use of ingredients like mayonnaise and eggs, the article offers these 4 alternative tips to achieving shiny hair:

    Trim- When the ends of hair are dry and split, your hair can look dull. Make sure to get a trim at your salon, which can help showcase your hair’s natural shine.

    Pat hair dry- Don’t try to dry hair by rubbing it with a towel. According to the article, “Hair is shiniest when the cuticle lies flat, but rubbing your hair with a cotton towel forces the cuticle open, making your hair more likely to frizz, and less likely to glisten.” The article recommends squeezing water out of hair and then patting it dry with a towel.

    Cold water- At the end of a shower, wash your hair with cold water. Cold water seals the cuticles, which leads to shinier hair.

    Smooth over- the article suggests using a serum to help smooth away frizz.

Sare Greenstone, a representative for the online beauty supply store NewVo Beauty, says that using argan oil is a great way to achieve smooth and shiny hair. “Argan oil is a natural oil made from the nuts of argan trees,” she says. “This oil can not only help seal cuticles, but it also can help tame unruly frizzy hair. Just a dime sized amount of this product can give you that added shine without leaving your hair greasy.”

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