5 Things I Did to Get Past a Hair Growth Plateau + #MBSChallenge Update – 4C Hair

The Mind, Body & Soul Challenge is on now! Details – https://youtu.be/FQEpsZiLl6M

Make sure you also check out Michelle’s (Ghana Goddess’) Mind, Body & Soul Challenge video here: https://youtu.be/PBARlkP9bXU

Blog post on http://nappyheadedjojoba.com with more #MBSChallenge details – https://goo.gl/iqye3h

The 5 Things I Did portion of this video begins at 2:11, after the #MBSChallenge check-in.

Protect Ya Ends (protective style challenge) Winter/Spring 2017 began Sunday January 15th! Details – https://goo.gl/RjbToS


My new trimming method with Curlformers – https://youtu.be/uH5XEa2YEuQ

How I trim *without* using Curlformers – https://youtu.be/WOC8tS1voZs

My prepoo detangling potion – http://youtu.be/WKqkEyGMU3w

Curlformers videos – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOuRCtV9UxnrOQpzYZIeNVkt8MiG25TYo

2016 hair favorites – https://youtu.be/mtbZzT_hp58

2016 skin and beauty favorites – https://youtu.be/4d0VTXn_OC8

How I fit my hair under wigs – https://youtu.be/VZuX2gtpTaI

May 2016 length check – http://youtu.be/quZQ9LKNc8Y

Everything I did and didn’t do to grow my hair to waist length – https://youtu.be/ZgWjeEAzYjY

My all-time favorite products for my hair – http://youtu.be/IUsdHsYldYY

My wash day routine – http://youtu.be/nhjEKDuRzV0

How I finger detangle my hair – http://youtu.be/6yU0C5zRpG0


Green Beauty REAL Protein Treatment – http://goo.gl/W392PI

On my lips: MAC “Double Fudge.”

Lashes are Flutter “Slayla” (I think they’re discontinued, though).

Earrings are from Melody Ehsani.