5 Tips For Guaranteed Hair Growth I Long Hair and Lipstick

Hey everyone! Here are my top 5 tips for guaranteed hair growth. Hope you enjoy.

1.Health and wellness check
• check medications
•ask you dr. about any underlying illness (physical/mental)
• good diet
•maintain low stress levels

2. Check your tools
• look out for ridged seams on combs, brushes, hair pins and blow dryers
• use silk hair ties for ponytails and buns
•always clean your tools and irons

3. Be mindful of good techniques
•use your fingers to comb and detangle
•try more low manipulation/ protective styles
•protect your hair at night

•understand the ingredients (natural/organic vs. chemicals and additives)
•Don’t be afraid to use products for different purposes
•What works for everyone else might not work for you
•Listen to your hair (switch it up)
•Use what you have (natural ingredients, eggs, oils, honey)

Self Love
•love your hair at each stage
•grow your hair with your thoughts
•ignore negativity
•you are on your hair journey for YOU

Hope you enjoy!

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