CRAZY Hair Growth Oil | Grow Your Hair FASTER In 6 WEEKS! Ayurveda Boosting

**UPDATE** You can add MSM or MSM & Vitamin C to this Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil when purchasing it on my Etsy shop to save you time! Plus, I also now add Peppermint leaves to this Oil as standard – GAMECHANGER!!! Click here to place your order:
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**P.S** To avoid your oil solidifying in cold temperatures (due to the natural properties of the Coconut & Avocado Oil) add 1 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil** Alternatively, you can store your oil in a warm place (ie. your airing cupboard – yes, I’m serious!!) and not leave it in a cold area eg. your window sill.

This miracle oil has grown both mine and my daughter’s hair by ONE INCH IN SIX WEEKS… and then some! We both have Natural hair (4a, 4b and 4c) but this oil can be used for ALL HAIR TYPES. I massage this in the scalp every 2/3 nights, massage it in and let it do it’s magic!

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Backdrop…I decided to create some homemade Ayurvedic recipes for my hair because it was breaking after 4 years of using the same products that weren’t working – and for my daughter because even though the products she was using were good, I knew there was better out there… Not knowing it was in my own kitchen! The ingredients in this oil are outstanding and all shine in their own right as well as together. Watch how to grow your hair longer, thicker and most importantly, healthier. This oil, as well as weekly deep treatments and regular moisturising is what has turned our hair around. Let me know how you get on!

Note: Essential oils are not advised for pregnant women, so please consult with your doctor first.

Coconut Oil:
Avocado Oil:
Green Tea & Ginger:
Bhringaraj Powder:
Hibiscus Powder:
Fenugreek Powder:
Aloe Vera Powder: /
Amla Powder:
Rosemary Essential Oil:
Lavender Essential Oil:

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