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In this video I am showing you an Indian Secret to promote Hair Growth by using a special Hair mask. Use it for 30 days to double hair growth and get longer, shinier and thicker hair growth.

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In this remedy I am using Fenugreek seeds which will Prevent Hair Loss, Add Shine, Fight Dandruff, and Prevent Premature Graying

Fenugreek is extremely effective in strengthening the hair from the roots and treating follicular problems. Fenugreek seeds have hormones that help promote hair growth. They are a good source of protein and nicotinic acid that strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breakage. Use it to make your hair look shiny and glossy, try using a fenugreek hair mask. Dandruff is a common hair ailment, and it generally surfaces during winter.

There are various treatments and procedures to treat dandruff. One of the most basic and effective cures is using methi seeds. They are also an effective cure for dry scalp and dermatitis. Dandruff is usually caused by a dry scalp or fungal infection. Fenugreek helps remove dandruff. A part of folk medicine, fenugreek seeds have been used for a long time to prevent the graying of hair. Fenugreek seeds have properties that help hair retain its pigment. This helps delay graying.

To any woman who respects the natural beauty of her locks, using a high-quality deep conditioning mask is vital year-round, but absolutely indispensable during summer. If you want to make the most of the regenerative, reconstructing and rejuvenating properties of a luxury deep conditioning treatment that you can conveniently use in the comfort of your own home, Masque Quintessence is the ultimate choice as it adds a new dimension to repairing damaged hair from within with amazing results that last.

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