Fast Hair Growth + Thick Hair + Smooth & Flawless Scalp+ Lower Hairline MatrixPlay99 Subliminals

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– Faster hair growth
– Thicker and healthy hair on the head
– Lower and thicker hairline
– Regeneration of hair follicles and sebaceous glands
– Eliminate scars in the scalp
– Scalp regeneration
– Super smooth, healthy scalp

Headphones: Optional
Listen at least 20 min. a day (but the longer, the better)
Results varies per person but usually manifest between 2 weeks to 6 months
Avoid listening to this while doing tasks that require focus and while driving This channel is all about utilizing the power of our subconscious mind by means of using subliminals and frequencies (that are subtle/ embedded in each noises or music) in order to assist you in your aim of changing a body part or improving something in your beliefs, self-empowerment, intelligence or skill enhancement and many more alike.

This is to help people realize their power to change their reality by means of their subconscious mind. The humanity still don’t know that much about “Science”. We’re still under progress in terms of collecting knowledge and its implementation in our lives.

Intelligent people researche first before having an opinion or judgement about a matter. If you still haven’t done your ENOUGH research, then you can’t form a valid oppositional judgement. The truth about life doesn’t hurt, but it resonates with your heart if you’ll just set aside the automatic judgement of your conscious mind aka ego. However, the humanity can not still explain everything. We’re still under progress in terms of knowledge. HTTPS://SELLFY.COM/LEICA1998 – to buy cheap high quality/ unaltered/ uncompressed audios Video or audio will not work when downloaded from any external sites – it has been tested many times before. MY SELLFY ACCOUNT WAS ALREADY CLOSED because it doesn’t send clients’ orders sometimes. Just send me an email if you want to order something and you’ll get it fast. You can just say the title of the video or a customized one. Click the BELL ICON beside the “subscribe” button to always get updates about my new subliminals. Your experience from this is your most reliable evidence. Most people keep returning to this channel because of their positive and satisfying experiences from these videos. Don’t let other people tell you what is truth and what is not. Think for yourself. Anyways, thanks for listening!