Hair Growth Challenge – 3 Months: Oct – December 2017

Hey fam, since my hair is feeling healthy again, I want to focus on growing it back out. Feel free to join me in the process! Much love:)

*Non of products I’m using are sponsored*
I plan to use the growth oil or balm at least a couple of times per week. I won’t be overdoing it with these products because I don’t want to clog my hair follicles;

Formula D Hair Growth Serum on Etsy:…

Virgin Hair Fertilizer from;

Scalp Massing brush by Vitagoods;
*I am using the scalp massager daily solely to stimulate my follicles. This replaces me doing scalp massages with my hands. I am not using this as a shampoo brush:)*

My New Line of Hair Rollers:
Video: zUaYzMTv8&t=22s

My Edges Are Back + No More Hairloss;

Upgraded Intense Moisture Therapy For Thirsty 4c Hair;

I Got My Hair Cut;

I Quit Protective Styling, Here’s The Verdict;

Curlformers on 4c Hair, It Looks Like I Used Heat:

Training Your Natural Hair;

10 Unique Natural Hair Hacks;

Outsmarting Shrinkage on my 4c Hair;

4.5 Months of MiniTwists For Length Retention;

Is Frequent Heatless Stretching Damaging My Hair?

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