LASER HAIR GROWTH – iRestore vs. Capillus vs. iGrow vs. HairMax – USER REVIEW

Full disclosure: I’ve had three hair transplants and used concealer in my hair for this video (link to the one I use below).

The best proven (side effect free) non-surgical hair growth product for men & women experiencing hair loss is medical grade low level laser therapy. I’ve tried all the common hair loss treatments …minoxidil, DHT blockers, diets, supplements etc. Though results from low level laser therapy vary based on your level of hair loss and what is causing your hair loss everyone’s hair can still benefit from low level laser therapy because it makes the hair that you do have stronger. It’s like sending your hair follicles to the gym every other day for 25min.

I highly recommend anyone experiencing hair loss buy some kind of professional laser helmet device. Having owned a used three of the most popular laser helmet brands (iGrow, Capillus, & iRestore hats/helmets …I also used the HairMax laser comb) this video is my personal thoughts.

Low level laser therapy is scientifically proven to help strengthen your remaining hair so that you keep it longer, and in many cases even re-grow some the hair you’ve lost. I’ve used one for years, and the best part is that there are no negative side effects like there are with virtually every other type of hair treatment product. Thanks to the partnership I’ve made prior to publishing this iRestore hair growth system review you get a $150 off coupon if you use the link and code below.


PROMO CODE FOR $150 OFF an iRestore helmet: REGROWTH150

iRestore offers a 6 month money back guarantee with every purchase, plus they pay for the return shipping.


Study which shows the benefits of lasers and LEDs on male pattern baldness:

Similar study done on female pattern baldness:

Video of Dr. Adrian Larsen explaining the benefits of having both laser and LEDs in treating hair loss:

Here’s a link as well to the hair thickener I use. It’s way better than the shake-on kinds. I’ve had so many guys email me thanking me for introducing them to this product as well –

If you’re struggling with hair loss and considering transplant surgery I highly suggest you call my friend Steve Cook. He can help you find the best hair solution to suit your needs, and give you a list of the best available options. Steve is a wealth of knowledge, and he’s the most knowledgable and honest person I’ve met in the hair transplant industry. You’ll learn a ton when you speak with him.

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