Pros & Cons of VapoRub For Hair Growth + Alternative Safer Options

Using Vicks VapoRub for hair growth has become popular in the natural hair community. VapoRub is a common item in every household. However when and how did it become a “hair treatment”? Because of its ingredients naturals feel its a great option to stimulate hair growth. The catch 22 is because of its ingredients it could also be quite harmful. Ppl have claims 3 inches overnight using this cold & flu ointment. How true is that? Well in this video we are just going to discuss facts, what can be proven true about using this ointment on your scalp. I give my opinion as well as a easy safer diy oil you can call “VapoOil”

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▶Nappyfu’s VapoOil Recipe
(please adjust the strength for a sensitive scalp)

10-15 drops Camphor Oil
(buy online—-

10-15 Eucalyptus Oil
(buy online—

10-15 Peppermint Oil
(buy online—

1/2 Jojoba Oil and/or 1/2 Castor Oil
alternatives carrie oils Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut, Avocado, Almond, Sesame

(how-to video-coming soon)

▶DIY VapoRub Ointment
Vicks is normally safe to be used as intended. Using it on your scalp well there are a number of oils which could potentially trigger irritant pores and skin reactions or even allergy.

Remember some things that can cause harm might show it immediately but through time you start to see the negative effects.
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