Best Hair Steamer in 2016

Best Hair Steamer in 2016

Steamer for hair are a fairly new hair styling tools. Hair steamer involves using steam vapors and heat. These way hair cuticles get opened up and help in absorbing the hair ingredients like color, and other. They allow you add moisture in your hair without any need for washing your hair. These steamers can be used with other hair treatments and conditioning. These are mostly portable hair steamer and have a water tank.

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Best Hair Steamer Benefits

Steamers add the much needed moisture to your natural hair and restore the originality of your hair. You scalp is properly moisturized with the help of steamer for hair like facial steamer moisturizes your skin.

They are a very useful tool for getting rid of hair dandruff and itchy scalp because the heat from steamers kills the bacteria responsible for dandruff and itchy scalp.

    • It will lead to an increase in the moisture retention. With a lot of moisture in your hair, you will be able to undertake a lot of hairstyles keep the definition as well as obtain a variety of thickness without the need to visit a parlor.
    • There would be a noted enhancement in the curls of your hair when you use the hair steamer. However, it will not be able to change the texture of your hair, if that is your concern. However, it has the ability to reshape your curls and provided with the necessary amount of boost. Also note, you need to use the hair steamer for not more than 30 minutes, or else it could end up having an adverse effect on your scalp.
    • Steaming the hair with the help of the hair steamer ensures that you can create a stronger strand of hair, which is elastic in nature. This elasticity will help you in maintaining the overall health of your hair. What this means for normal people is that you will be able to snap back the hair to its original state within no time, and the steaming will be able to provide the moisture that is needed for the hair to remain in an elastic state.
    • Using the hair steamer ensures that you can open the cuticles present in the hair. This is by far one of the most important things that are here steamer will be able to do for the benefit of your hair. The warm vapor, when placed on your hair will be able to supply the nutrients effectively, as the cuticles shall be opened. Your hair will feel refreshed, and when you use the hair product, it shall be replenished by that product itself.
    • By using a hair steamer, you would be feeling refreshed after hard days of work. Your hair will become very easy for you to manage and stretch easily.

Top hair steamer brands: –

  • Salon Sundry: -This Company has been a regular feature via its products in various beauty salons, and has been creating some of the best here steamers in the market. However, this company makes products mainly for professional use, and it is not for the regular home user.
  • Skin Act: -A relative newcomer in the salon industry, the hair steamer by Skin Act is making waves in the salon market. They have integrated a lot of good features, new technologies in the hair steamer, making it a worthwhile purchase for many.
  • Milliard: -The professional series hair steamer from Millard is truly a product that he would want in your house. The company has the latest features integrated into the products, thereby providing a platform where the typical homeowners will be able to use their products without any problems whatsoever.

Top Hair Steamer Reviews 2016

We have given detail reviews on some of the top hair steamers available in the market. These have been very popular among the customers.

There are different types of steamer for hair available in the market. We will give our honest hair steamer reviews about some of the best hair steamer. There are various brands which make great quality hair steamer as well as facial steamer.

Professional Salon Hair Steamer with Rolling Floor Stand Base

best hair steamerThis steamer for hair is very cost effective and lightweight. It has many great features and functions. It uses stainless steel coil and consumes 650 watt power.

It has a water tank of capacity of 32 ounces. This water tank can be easily removed from the steamer.

It has two power setting for using it at different heat settings. Hair steamer cap or hood is made of long lasting acrylic with dimensions of 12” as diameter and 10” deep.

This hood is rotating or swivel up to 90 degree. There is a 17” long diffuser inside the steamer cap or hood for giving you even heat distribution.

It also has 3 holes which act as vent holes for providing you with refinement of steam levels. The collected steam is stored in detachable jar. Its height is adjustable from 37” to 49”.

It has a great feature which allows switching it off automatically if water level drops below a desired level. All these features make it best portable hair steamer machine. It can however be used at 120 Volt only.

Based on the hair steamer reviews on amazon it has received user rating of 4 stars out of 5. It will cost you around $90 only.

Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer

hair steamer reviewsThis Secura product is dual purpose hair styling tool. It can be used as hair steamer as well as facial steamer. It provides with all the hair steamer benefits like moisturizing and hydrating your hair.

Besides this it can be easily converted into a tabletop portable facial steamer.

It has ozone generator built in to it for controlling the onset of negatively charged oxygen which helps in minimizing the itch and dandruff.

It can be used at 120 V only. It also has an auto cut off feature when water levels drops below certain limit.

It is one of the best hair steamer for natural hair at the piece of only $80 only. It has received a user rating of 3.9 stars based on the hair steamer reviews by over 350 customers, this shows its popularity.

“Cayenne” White Professional Salon Hair Steamer

facial steamerThis is another beautiful and great salon steamer for hair. It handles your hair very gently and smoothly. It provides required moisture to your hair. It has 60 minute timer. It is a perfect solution home hair steamer.

It uses stainless steel coil for producing the vapor. This is great portable hair steamer machine with adjustable height from 37” to 49” and a base with wheels.

It has a 12” diameter hood. It gives you multilevel settings. It is a great salon quality best hair steamer for natural hair 2015. It provides you with fresh looks and style.

This one has received user rating of 4.2 stars and it is available for sale at a price of only $90.

Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer

hand held hair steamerIf you are looking for convenience of use then handheld hair steamer is the way to go. This is one of the latest entrants into the market. It provides excellent steam to moisturize your scalp and hair together.

It is a great hydrating machine which detangle your hair, reshape them and also adds style to them with in minutes only. It operates on 120V and uses 650 watt power. Though one negative is that it can not be converted.

It works by applying steam to your dry hair which makes them soft, warm and moisturizes them. You can use this one of the best steamer for natural hair with clips and rollers or alone. You would need less time with this machine as compared to hooded machine. You can use it conveniently at your home.

This hair tool has received user rating of 3.8 stars based on reviews on amazon. It is available at a reasonable price of $70 only.

Deluxe Hair Steamer With Timer

deluxeThis is a great at home hair steamer with latest useful features. It has ability to provide adjustable steam with two switches for high and low settings.

It has a timer with 60 min settings which comes handy in case you forget to switch off steamer machine. Its vented hood is great for getting adjustable steam flow.

It also consumes 650 watts power. It comes with a warranty of one year. It has another great feature auto shut off which shuts the hair steamer machine whenever the water reaches the minimum level.

Overall it is a great machine for use at home and as a professional salon hair steamer.Based on reviews on amazon it has received user feedback rating of 3.9. It is available at a huge discount price of $109 only. Check here the latest discounts and prices.

Your Thoughts

So we have given our honest reviews about best hair steamer for natural hair and also discussed some of the hair steamer benefits. These have produced good results. If you think there are some other steamers which needs to added here then please do share with us in following comments. Check our post on flat hair irons like Paul Mitchell Flat Iron.