7 Quick And Easy Hairstyles For School

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This week we are showing 7 quick and easy heatless hairstyles! Since my daughter is now a teen in middle school aka junior high, she does her own hair before school every morning. She is always looking for cute, easy, (and most importantly) QUICK hairstyles that she can do herself (DIY.) For this video we have pulled together 7 of her “go to” hairstyles (one for each day of the week) that we think would be fashionable and simple for teens, tweens, or any age. These styles aren’t anything super unique or intricate, but we are hoping this video will help add to your collection of every day hairstyle ideas. If you would like to see more 5 minute hairstyles like this, be sure to let us know. We can do a part 2!

Included in this video:

Pull-through braid
Half up messy bun / top knot
Knotted tie back
“French knot” hairstyle
Side braid accent
Faux waterfall braid / lace braid
Faux lace braid & fishtail braid combo

Most of these styles will work with most hair types: Long hair, medium hair, short hair. Curly, wavy, or straight.

Our retro 2010 video showing how to make a faux waterfall braid! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEwds5e8Ihk

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