5 Important Characteristics of Argan Oil

Moroccan or Argan oil is gaining real popularity as a health and cosmetic product. It has many benefits that should be explored, from the glowing effects it has on the skin to the promotion of good overall health. It can be a great idea to include it in your style of living and beauty schedule. You’ll have a better sense of it if you learn these facts.

Argan Oil is extracted from seeds of Argan trees which are ancient and rare. Argan trees are endemic and indigenous to Morocco. During the last 100 years, the number of these trees are half of what they once were. The World Heritage List has these trees listed as endangered; they were put there in 1999. Making Argan oil by hand was a labor intensive process. Moroccan women and cooperatives work in concert with many shops and companies to ensure that Argan trees are preserved and that their extracted oil is derived using environmentally safe techniques.

The production of Argan oil is controlled by Moroccan women’s groups

There are cooperative groups of women in Morocco that specifically are employed to help manufacture Argan oil. These groups have complete control over the global distribution of Argan oil. Berber ladies have managed to convert a conventional talent and expertise into a livelihood. These women gain a consistent income source from it.

There are a lot of fatty acids and important vitamins in Argan oil. It’s loaded with Vitamin E. This oil is good enough to eat and will add nutrients to many of your favorite dishes. It is good for people who are being especially conscientious about their heart health because it contains no cholesterol. In fact, its oleic acids and monosaturated fat content helps lower bad cholesterol levels.

Argan oil’s soothing qualities make it perfect for massages. It also has anti-inflammatory characteristics that make it effective at providing relief for sore muscles and joint pains.

Argan oil holds many benefits for your skin and hair. It is a good emollient which means it can be soothing when applied to the scalp and skin. It contains several nutrients and anti-oxidants in good quantity to prevent the skin from aging. It also has a reputation for treating acne. It is reputed to have benefits for both your hair and scalp.

A good number of people consider Argan oil to be a miracle substance. It deserves every praise because it is natural and is extremely useful.

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