Six Things Argan Oil Is Known For

Argan oil offers so many benefits to beauty and health that it is no wonder it is called the miracle oil by many experts. Just by doing a little reading or research you will understand the benefits of the miraculous argan oil. Here are certain fascinating truths regarding argan oil:

It is obtained from the extracts of the rare and protected argan tree

Argan fruit kernels are where Argan oil comes from. The argan tree is rare, only found in Mexico and Morocco, with Morocco being the main source of the argan oil that is commercially available. In Morocco, the government there supports the national program to grow and safeguard local forestry and thus the argan tree plantation is an integral part of a government-protected region.

The processing can be accomplished in the more labor-intensive traditional manner, or by the use of modernized mechanical means

Generally, the process of removing the oil from an argan fruit is a monotonous and lengthy task. It starts by collecting argan fruit and de-pulping it until seeds are ready to be roasted. Pulp removal cna be avoided if you are prepared to collect seeds from the waste produced by local goats who cannot digest the seeds of the fruits they have eaten. When these seeds get dry it will be put in mills for roasting ,mixing with water, grinding,and finally pressing to make argan oil. Nowadays, instead of manually grinding and pressing the seeds, mechanical presses have been utilized to make oil extraction faster and easier, allowing for a higher rate of argan oil production. Since there is no need to add water upon grinding the seeds, this process produces a much purer oil. All other steps of argan oil production remain the same using mechanical presses.

There are a number of alternative uses for Argan oil in the beauty and health areas

Use of argan oil has so many advantages that it is considered to be miraculous.

*Skin improvement. Because of its essential fatty acid and sterol content, argan oil makes a great skin moisturizer. It smoothly rubs into the skin and leaves it moisturized without feeling oily. The oil helps scars and other skin imperfections heal, as well as titerpenoids that help protect skin from harmful sun and dirt exposure. Argan oil slows down skin from looking old, it will make your skin look great.

*Advantages For Hair Apart from this Argan Oil maintains healthy and well fed hair. It helps protect hair from heat and other chemicals, preventing dry hair that causes split ends and hair breakage. It helps in keeping the hair shiny and the scalp moisturized, addressing dandruff and other dry scalp problems as well.

*Nail benefits. Argan oil strengthens and protects nails Several experts recommend the use of argan oil in order to treat brittle nails and maintain their strength.

*Some benefits for the muscles. Argan oil, can also be used to treat stiff, tired and sore muscles after physical activity. Simply dip your hands in the lemon and argan oil, and warm your hands over a heat source as you massage the affected areas.

*Benefits for Health: Taking argan oil orally is proved to be a great medicine in the treatment of arthritis because of the carotenoids present in it. Its linoleic acid and polyphynol content also help reduce soreness and inflammation caused by eczema and psoriasis by acting as anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic agents.

It is used for cooking purposes as well

Aside from the amazing beauty and health benefits of argan oil, it is also used for culinary purposes. It can be used in the place of butter, as a tasty salad dressing or even as a heart-healthy cooking oil. Aromatic dishes and highly delicious meals can be made with Argan oil.

Morocaan, as well as European, beauty shops carry this product, however it is also available from vendors on the street and supermarkets

Argan oil can be bought in local beauty shops as well as online. To be used in cooking this can be bought at lots of European and Moroccan malls. You may pass vendors on the street if you drive between Taghazout and Sidi Kaoki where argan oil is produced. If you choose to buy here, be certain to purchase oil with an almond aroma and the appearance of liquid gold.

Production of argan oil helps in empowerment of women

Argan oil enhances your health as well as your body. Despite the high price of argan oil due to its rarity, argan oil production also helps empower women in Morocco, especially the Berber women. As international demand for argan oil skyrockets, the Berber women, backed by many cooperatives and international companies, now can provide stable finances for their families. They will also enjoy further rights and freedoms while producing argan oil.

Argan oil is an oil that can bring miracles. Not only can it transform you into a physically beautiful and healthy woman, but it also gives you the opportunity to help other women, who are producing the oil for you.

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