The benefit of Moroccan Oil

The benefits of Moroccan Oil.

Moroccan oil or as its sometimes called Argan oil is taken from the inner part of the fruit of the argan tree which generally grows in southwestern Morocco, hence the name Moroccan Oil. it is a very uncommon oil due to the rarity  of the argan tree, which solely thrives in specific conditions leading to quite pricey Moroccan oil products  . In spite of this expense, Moroccan oil products have become very popular in recent years as a result of its wonderful properties in restoring damaged hair to full life.

Moroccan oil penetrates very deeply within every strand of hair moisturizing down to the cell structure level, leaving your hair in excellent condition.  Moroccan oil aids the hair to stay sealed so your hairs moistures are preserved, so when your hair is left to destructive causes like too much sun, blow drying and heating with irons the hair has a natural defence. The Moroccan oil encourages the hairs pliancy assisting the hairs to have a smaller chance of breaking when you brush your hair. No longer will you have to put up with wild hair because Moroccan oil has the power to soak the hair with natural moisturizes.

MoroccanOil disperses  moisture, leaving you to dry the hair a lot faster and as well as granting blow dried hair to dry quicker, allowing less time for the heat to damage your hair. Argan oil has the weird benefit of making hair dye sink into your hair, making the colour richer and lasting longer .In my opinion the best benefit of using argan oil is it makes your hair soft and smooth showing a very noticeable change.  It toughens the hairs natural structures making your hair hold its form for much longer periods of time when it is styled.

Argan oil is an antioxidant. This wonderful oil is brimming full with vitamin A and E which toughens the hair and keeps it looking healthy and vibrant.

As you can see Arganoil manages so many things at once. It supports hydration. It decreases and sometimes eliminates frizz and knots, gone are the days of painful tugging when you are brushing. It enriches and conditions, helping to guard against the harsh damaging effects of heat and wind. It leaves your hair silky smooth, full of life and shine.

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I am a professional hairdresser and stylist.

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