VEGAN hair growth pills?? What do I take for growth?

Hey dolls!
So I decided to revisit hair supplements to help me along my tailbone length journey. Shedavi products are all natural & vegan & definitely helped me grow back the hair that I trimmed a few months ago!

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Shedavi Hair Growth Supplements & Elixir

Water to weight. How much should you really be drinking?
Ok dolls so ideally you should drink a gallon a day..BUT…..
A gallon = 128 oz
So if you’re about 135lbs+ you can handle a gallon a day
If you’re petite like me & weight 130lbs or lower a gallon actually exceeeds our body weight & can have reverse effects so you should drink half of your body weight. example: I’m about 120lbs so I drink 60oz a day (about 3-4 16oz bottles) 120lbs divided by 2= 60
*disclaimer* this info is from my doctor because I was actually having side effects from drinking amounts of water that exceeded my body weight.

FTC: This is a sponsored video dolls. I only recommend products I truly love & believe in.