Virgin Argan Oil And Its Benefits

Virgin argan oil refers to a kind of argan oil produced using cold pressure. Virgin argan oil grew to popularity long after its benefits were discovered in Morocco. While the culture has been using Virgin argan oil for ages now, the world is just waking up to the benefits of this oil. Virgin argan oil is rich in a number of nutrients such as Omega 6, linoleic acid, poly-unsaturated fatty acids as well as natural tocopherols. To put it in a simpler manner, Virgin argan oil is actually considered to be liquid gold due to its many health benefits.

Virgin argan oil facilitates the restoration of a film known as the hydro-lipid film in the skin. In fact, the linoleic acid present in Virgin argan oil is three times more concentrated when compared to olive oil. In essence, these nutrients help preserve the skin cells to the maximum degree. So it is safe to say that Virgin argan oil has anti-ageing effects on the skin. This helps the skin fight against ageing and also repairs damage that may have been caused to it. This may include acne, scars, crow’s feet or even pregnancy marks.

Virgin argan oil has been quite popular with Moroccan women from ancient times. The following are some of its most popular benefits:

– It helps slow down ageing of the skin.
– It nourished and repairs dry skin that may worsen to eczema. Virgin argan oil restores the skin’s protective barrier.
– Virgin argan oil also regulates and balances skin that is too oily.
– Stretch marks and scars caused by pregnancy or other injuries can also be treated using Virgin argan oil.
– Virgin argan oil makes the hair healthier giving it a shiny and smooth feel.
– It revitalises and nourishes the skin on the scalp as well as the roots.
– Virgin argan oil is also used with lemon juice for maintenance. The mixture is applied on the nails and left over night.
– Use of Virgin argan oil softens cuticles and also makes the nails stronger and less brittle.

Argan oil has only been popular as a food additive thus far. However, the other virtues of Virgin argan oil regarding skin and nail care are now slowly coming into global attention. An increasing number of spas and dermatologist are also suggesting the use of argan oil for cosmetic benefits. With increasing awareness about the advantages of natural products, argan oil is surely getting popular.

One can make a delicious dish from Warm Foie Gras, Wild Musrooms & Asparagus with Virgin Argan Oil. Virgin Argan oil also brings new spice to the dishes.

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