Hair Growth

⚠️Caution!!⚠️ EXTREME Hair Growth Overnight // Be careful!!! It’s very POWERFUL!!!

♡ K r y s t a l i z e d ♡ B e a u t y ♡

**With frequencies**

🔥 A SECOND VERSION WILL BE UPLOADED (with a different music – without frequencies) 🔥

This is a improved version of my
archived long hair sub~ 😇😘💐

💕 My Instagram: @xrose.bae 💕

♡Affirmations for scalp hair only♡

💝 B e n e f i t s 💝
♡ Rapid hair growth
♡ Full hair (voluminous)
♡ Thick healthy hair
♡ Scalp hair grows 100 inches each second
♡ Strong hair
♡ Beautiful soft & silky hair
♡ Hair compliment you
♡ Manageable hair
♡ be good at hair styling
♡ Moisturized healthy hair
♡ Baby hair longer and stronger
♡ Desired hair line
♡ Desired hair (color, texture, type, etc)
♡ Repair & heal ends of hair
♡ See results when you wake up

💎 E x t r a s 💎
♡ Hair follicles & bulbs completely stimulated for faster hair growth
♡ Hair root & fibers stimulated for faster growing and healthier
♡ Body fully synthesize for growing rapidly head hair
♡ Durable & healthy hair follicles
♡ Hair grow at the maximum fast and safe speed possible
♡ Direct to my scalp more nutrition & everything the head hair need to grow faster

~Request is closed, I only accept PAID request~♡
Contact me: beautykrystalized@gm­

Music used
Song title – by Jonny Easton
Check out his channel

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