✅ Hair Update | Stage 21 Growing It Out – I’ve Got Hair Growth Problems…

Welcome to check in number 21. Ooh, record, coming up to that 24th hair growth check in mark very quickly.

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All right so when we checked in last on my hair growth journey, for anybody that’s new here, I grew my hair out from a disconnected undercut and now it is what you see in this video, which is kinda sad, you know?

I’m checking in again with another month of bad hair growth. I just feel like it hasn’t gone anywhere since the last time I checked in.

I mean really, I’ve tried just about everything including:
Hair growth oil
Hair growth supplements & vitamins
A hair growth mask
Head massages
Hair growth treatments

You name it and I’m currently getting nowhere lol.

And not only that, I had a trim done about two days ago because my ends were getting really frazzly. So it came to the point where I had to go I’ve had no growth and I still have to get a trim because if I don’t get a trim that’s when split ends happen and it starts travelling up the hair and ruins my whole life.

So I couldn’t have my hair getting damaged and I did have to maintain it. But nevertheless I’m really happy with how it’s looking, I guess. If I go back to what I checked in with last month, my hair was sitting at 16.8, 16.9 inches.

I didn’t even bother doing a measurement, to be honest. I’m gonna admit this. I’m just real slack, because when I was looking at it, I just knew it hadn’t grown and that because I went and got a trim I was just like probably no point.

So my guess is it’s still sitting at about 16.5. I did have about .5 of an inch, well half an inch taken off when I went to the hairdresser. I did take you guys along to the hairdresser with me to go and get my cool braid. That was really awesome actually. You can watch that video here: https://youtu.be/xu2wdd7exA4

I’m just feeling a bit flat about the whole hair growth journey thing at the moment. I think I have decided before getting the lowered undercut I will be at least getting my hair down to my chest at least.

So I almost have another like 10 to 12 inches to go before I actually decide to change it up again. That’s kind of like my goal. However it’s just, it feels like it’s taking so long to get there and I really haven’t had much inspo myself for, the only thing that’s keeping me inspired is looking at all those Instagram profiles that I follow ’cause it’s like cool, that’s something that I’ve got to work towards. But yeah, it just feels really stagnant at the moment.

How are you guys feeling about your hair growth journey right now? Make sure you let me know in the comments and if any of you have a hair growth time lapse for me to watch, please leave me a link to it because right now, I need all the hair growth inspo I can get haha.

As for how my hair’s looking though, here’s the bright side of things. At this length I feel like when I do my flat iron curls, which I have a tutorial on how I defrizz and curl my hair which I released last week. It’s pretty wicked and informative. You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/di-nEvmSjb4.

On a positive note though, I actually am really happy with how my hair is looking. So for the length that it’s at, I feel like I’ve really found a good way to make it look good, and particularly doing my flat iron curls on it like it is in today’s video and I’ve just using different products to make it look more healthy & vibrant.

I’m loving it when it’s in a man bun, I love having it braided and I really enjoy wearing it out now as well.

And I feel like for a long time during the growing out process it was like is wearing my hair out ever gonna be a real thing that I can do? It absolutely is. So if you’re in that doubt stage, which I know heaps of you are in like 10 months, some of you are in five months, some of you are in month two, which is the worst month ever. Some of you are up to the same time as me.

Through all those different stages there’s always pros and cons. But I feel like in this stage that I’m at, the 21 month period, or, it’s pretty much 23 months because I’ve missed a couple along the way, that’s pretty much where I’m at with it.

So that brings us to the end of check in 21, wow. Very very cool. Make sure you stay tuned for next week’s video and next month’s check in. Hopefully I’ve had some extra growth happening because honestly I’m just feeling like it’s just stopped right there. And the fact that I had to go and get a trim while I was in shit growth phase was not fun. And I paid for that. Have a really good week. Have a good month and I’ll see you for the next hair growth journey check in.

Yours in good hair,


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