Hair Growth

1 Month of Hair Growth – Phase 1 of Growing My Hair Out

It’s officially been a month since I cut my hair off and this is what I have to show for it.

As you’ll see in the video, I’ve been filming little diary entries throughout the month and compiled them together to give a more linear and real time illustration of how this whole process is coming along.

I’ve broken the video down into 4 sections including:
Intro – 00:00
7 Days After Cutting My Hair – 00:14
14 Days After Cutting My Hair – 07:48
24 Days After Cutting My Hair – 11:49
Giving Shout Outs – 14:36
Conclusion – 16:35

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This is episode one of my hair growth journey and I’m going to be uploading each episode as I go to this playlist so depending on when you find this video series, there should be a ton of check ins for you to watch and keep you motivated along your hair growth journey!
Link to playlist:

In summary, stage one of the hair growth process has been a breeze. I kind of forgot how simple life is when you have no hair lol.

No washing, no drying, no routines. It’s literally a very efficient way of living if you ask me lol. I’m still very keen on getting my man bun back though and have certainly been making the most out of this crew cut look while it lasts because I am certain judging by my last hair growth journey, sh1t is about to get ugly haha.

I’m working on putting all these diary entries in written form as well. I began blogging about it but it’s also a lot of work which is what I’m trying to do less of at the moment. SO I’m not sure when I’ll commit to that but stay tuned just in case.

I hope you enjoy this first episode and make sure you keep me posted on where you’re at with your hair growth journey and what experiences you had over the last month in the comments section!

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Thanks again. Happy holidays and happy hair growing!

Yours in good hair,


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