Hair Growth

10+ years of hair growth in less than 2 minutes

The first 3-4 years of growing my hair out I did just about every single crazy and ridiculous “tip” to speed up the growth you have ever heard of. Seriously, name it and I tried it. Nothing actually affected my growth. I get 1,5 cm each month with 2-3 months of 2 cm during the summer. Of course I had my trims every 3-6 months too, so my not-too-impressive growth rate got further slowed down by that.
All the crazy “tips” only managed to be irritating, time consuming and expensive (And in one case with a massive vitamin overload, give me painful cystic acne. I have had more injuries from sports and general clumsiness than most people, but seriously, I would rather break something again than having a massive puss filled blob stuck in your face, hurting when you talk, smile, chew or even turn over in your sleep. Ouch!)

Since then I have settled into a benign neglect routine that suits my life much better. (And my hair hasn’t been happier, ever!)
I rinse my hair while I shower in the morning.
Then apply some leave in conditioner (Love the orange Sunsilk one!) and put it up. (Love the endless options for updos!) Then ignore it.
I make sure my tools and hairtoys are smooth and good quality. Just because something says “Hair friendly” doesn’t mean it is! Actually *feel* your tools for sharp edges that will shred your hair.
I usually wash my hair 2 times a week in the evenings using the CO method.
If I have done a braid-based updo, I will simply leave it in the braid for bed. If it’s not braid-based, I will take the bun down and braid it for bed.
My pillows are either silk or satin for smoothness.
I usually get trims done every 3 months or so. I bought and expensive scissor to snip ends on my own. Usually I will just snip ends “blindly” and cut then no matter if I see damage or not. In front of your monitor is a good place to spot your ends.
My supplement routine is a multi vitamin and mineral, an omega 3 supplement and a fibre supplement.

No heat, no backcombing, no styling products, no dye, no bleach. Protecting it from sun damage with SPF products…

And… That’s all there is to it!

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