30 Day Shampoo Challenge | Hair Growth ❣

This Video is about My 30 Day Shampoo Challenge.
I want to see How much hair Growth I get in 30 days.
I will be Shampooing My hair once
a week for 30 days.
Hair is Like a Plant, it Loves water.

I remember when I had a TWA I Loved doing this and it made my hair grow.
So I am going to try it again with my Locs.
If you have Loose hair that’s fine too.
Would you Like to Join My Challenge?
If so Let me Know in the Comments.

● 👀Please Read
Here is a Video on How I Shampoo
My Locs: https://youtu.be/TneQ02C3DDk

Here is a Video on The Products
I use in My Locs: https://youtu.be/EC_vfqvtQIM

My Whole Loc Journey:

💢 Some Answered Questions:
You can use any shampoo of your choice.

You can Choose what day works best for you.

Use what Products work best for you.
We will do this for 30 days Starting today.
Get Creative and Make Shampoo time Fun!
“Be Blessed Everyone”