ANTI GREY HAIR & HAIR GROWTH LADDU with DHT blockers to meet Daily Hair Growth Needs (No Sugar)

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For this you need!
1. Ground Flax seeds – Flax seeds are rich in Omega-3 which are comparable to Salmon fish. This is best vegan option for Omega-3. This nourishes follicles and hair shafts, making them stronger and healthier. If you don’t have ground flax seeds powder, you can grind the whole flax seeds at home.
2. Black sesame seeds – Black sesame seeds are best known for its anti-aging properties. A variety of micro nutrients present in them can regrow hair and promote melanin production that reverses grey hair.
3. Finger Millet powder – Hair is made of protein. Finger Millets, are also called as Raagi and Kodho in different languages. Their super rich protein content can promote hair growth. Also they are rich in magnesium, copper, zinc and antioxidants that c.
4. Soft Dates – For this we need seedless or pitted dates which are really soft. The softer the dates are the more easily we can make Laddus.
5. Pumpkin seed oil – Pumpkin seed oil is a well-known DHT blocker that can control and reverse androgenetic alopecia and baldness. Consuming Pumpkin seed oil can regrow newer thicker hair.
6. Ghee – We are using little amount of Ghee in this process to enhance taste. This is totally optional.
7. Cardamom/ Elaichi – We are using dried cardamom seeds to enhance the taste of our Laddu.

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