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C60 Hair Growth: Week 38 – A Little More Hair

This is a followup on my C60 hair growth experience after a number of months using it.

Please note: This video is my idea and I am not being compensated in any way. I purchased product to test it out.


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C60 Hair Growth Supplier:

The long term health benefits of Carboon 60 (also know as buckminsterfullerene, bucky balls, and C60) is not known. However, the shorter term benefits seem to far out weigh any possible problems. C60, as it is commonly known, has been shown to greatly reduce the occurrence of free radicals in the body thus allowing the body to work as it should.

An over abundance of free radicals in the body can greatly reduce the body’s ability to function as it should so anything that reduces the free radical load allows the body to work more closely in homeostasis. This greatly improves the body’s ability to fend off disease and sickness thus allowing a person to live a more comfortable and productive life.

According to some scientists, this carbon molecule may even have the ability to extend a persons life though it’s not known as to how much.

Continued consumption of Carbon 60 suspended in olive, coconut, or avocado oil (or any other of a number of compatible oils) is likely to continue the long term benefits as we are exposed to an excessive amount of substances causing free radical issues on a daily basis.

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