Curry Leaves Hair Oil for Hair Growth | How to grow hair thick and long fast|Onion Oil for hair

How to grow hair thick and long fast. Curry leaves oil for hair growth.
iCurry leaves are very popular in hair care, primarily because they contain antioxidants and amino acids. They help to reduce scalp irritation and infections. Regular use of this oil controls premature greying , hairfall, dandruff and keeps scalp healthy and clean there by promoting hair growth.
The use of onion juice and pepper in this oil is also a remedy for hairfall and dandruff. The main reason is that it helps to stimulate hair roots there by helping the hair oil penetrate deep into the hair roots and do the job.
Any hair care treatment is incomplete without fenugreek. Methi seeds are full of several nutrients and the combination of these super ingredients not only prevents premature greying but also promotes hair growth.

Recipe for Curry Leaves Hair Oil
You can take a combination of oils as in the video or any single light weight oil like coconut oil or almond oil for this hair oil

Coconut oil – 75 gms
Olive oil – 50 gms
Castor oil – 25 gms

Curry leaves – 1 bunch
Shallots – 50 gms or 1 large onion (peeled and cut into small pieces)
Fenugreek seeds – 2 tbs
Pepper – 1 tsp

Grind all the above ingredients into coarse paste – do not add water- and keep aside.
In a double boiler method, you need to mix all the oils a in a bowl and allow it to boil in low flame. Add the ground paste and boil it in for at least half hour until the oil changes the color and u know that the ingredients have done its job.
Strain it using a muslin cloth and after it cools, store it in a bottle and keep it in a cool dry place.
To use : take a tblsp of the oil and warm a little. Apply on the hair roots and msg it for a few mins. Leave it for 1-2 hrs and wash off with mild shampoo.
U can use the oil once in two weeks and it is good for all hair types.
This hair oil helps to grow hair long and thick fast