DIY Hibiscus Hair Mask for Extreme Hair Growth || Promote Hair Growth

Today I am very excited to share with you all a DIY Hibiscus Hair Mask that will grow your hair faster and thicker. This is a very simple remedy and so many of you guys might already know this especially South Indians but I thought why not make this video for the people who is not familiar about this. Like I said this a very simple remedy and you only need 1 simple ingredient which is Some Hibiscus leafs and 1 or 2 of its flowers. There is no particular measure for this. The red ones are the best ones for hair growth. First of all wash it properly with water to remove any soil and dirt and then soak the leafs and flowers for 10 mins. Here I have already washed and soaked it for 10 mins. Now simple crush and mash the leaves and the flowers with the help of your hands as shown in the video. You can even grind it using a mixer jar but then it will become very hard to strain it and it will also be very hard to wash it out of your hair. So I recommend you do it this way. The liquid will start to bubble up after some time and it will also start thickening. When it Becomes slimy thats when you know its ready to use. I love this slimy smooth texture of this hibiscus liquid. Its so beautiful. Ok Now simply strain it using a strainer. The hibiscus liquid will look like this. Orangish yellowish goldenish liquid. Now let me tell you guys how I like to use it. I like to take a basin like this and then put my hair forward into the basin and then slowly massage my hair and scalp with hibiscus liquid. Like this I can make sure to use the maximum use out of the liquid. And this also helps to make sure that my hair gets equally coated with the hibiscus liquid. You can also do this when you shower in the bathroom which is a lot easier. Massage your hair with the liquid for 5 mins and then simply wash it off with water. Don’t use any shampoo or conditioner or else you won’t get the benefits. Do this remedy 2 to 3 times a week instead of using a shampoo and always prepare the liquid fresh. Shampoo contains a lot of chemical and is not good for your hair but Hibiscus liquid is natural and will gently clean your hair leaving it soft and silky. Hibiscus is an Ayurvedic medicine for hair loss . Hibiscus makes the hair roots and strands stronger & shinier. Hibiscus conditions hair and keeps them bouncier. All those with fine hair can get the bouncy voluminous hair with its regular usage. Hibiscus infused water has shown tremendous results when it comes to boosting hair growth. It is rich in vitamin C that boosts collagen production, ensuring healthy hair growth. This is mostly used in South India and keralits call it Thali. They have been using it for centuries for hair growth.
Please try this at home, I guarantee that you will see the results in short time and please leave your valuable comments down below
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