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Does Rice Water Speed Up Hair Growth? What The Science Says…

Does rice water speed up hair growth?

I’ve seen a flood of videos about rice water baths speeding up hair growth lately. Many of the videos point to the Yao women in China as evidence that it works. These ladies have hair that grows up to 6-feet long and doesn’t gray until they reach their 80’s.

So I decided to look into the science behind rice water baths speeding up hair growth and protecting hair from damage.

I only found two studies. Both were not well-done studies. One showed positive results for inositol protecting hair (which is a carbohydrate found in rice) but it was done by a company that sells hair care products. So it’s in their best interest to produce positive results.

The other only relied on anecdotes as evidence.

So I couldn’t find any legitimate scientific proof.

I guess I’ll have to test it out and see for myself is rice water really works. That video is coming soon!


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Study saying inositol promotes hair health:

Study for rice water has hair treatment:

Inositol plus choline:

Inositol helps treat patients with Panic Disorders

Hair Loss and Testosterone

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