Hair Growth

Does serum help in hair growth and thickness? – Dr. Rasya Dixit

Patients who are string hair treatment are to take a combination of serums and oral vitamin they always want to know whether it will help to grow the length gain thickness, stop the hair fall. The truth is hair fall itself is a multi directional problem. There might be multiple causes for the hair to fall and when the regrowth is happening, you need all h support for the hair because you don’t want to have any hormonal effect for the hair for example a person who is young, say 20 years had a typhoid and is recovering for it but his father or mother has a genetic tendency for hair loss, then this child who is 20 years old might growth the hair thinner. So this problem might be a trigger of an early onset balding. So what do these serums do? There are 2 types of serums for hair fall and hair loss which are available in the market. The first is based on minoxidil which is FDA approved, very safe treatment for helping the hair to become thicker. Most people do not like to use minoxidil because they fear when they are going to stop the minoxidil they are going to have an accelerated hair loss. The truth is minoxdil is a very effective treatment an hair loss is a very difficult thing to treat. So wouldn’t you want to use the most effective thing for the hair loss? The other generation of hair serums which have appeared which do not have the side effect of accelerated hair loss is the peptide group. They are commonly use d in people who have allergies to minoxidil or in people who have patterned hair loss or they have hair loss related to nutritional cause or sudden hair loss that is telogen effluvium. Such people we use the peptides both this improves the thickens of the hair but they have to be used consistently for 3 to 6 months for you to start seeing the result and especially for women they have to use for a year to see improvement. In men because the hair is short you can starts seeing changes of improvement on the scalp earlier. In women it takes upto almost 9 months to almost a year. So be patient when your treatment starts, be complaint, use medicines regularly. If you keep giving breaks between treatment you are not going to achieve good results that you so desire.

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