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Grow Long Hair | Your Scientific Hair Growth Guide

How to Grow Long Hair: a science-based guide to growing long hair & achieving your hair goals
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Ready to get natural long hair? Your friendly neighborhood real life Rapunzel is here to help you on your journey to long hair with some long hair care and hair growth tips. Here’s what I do to keep my hair growing and prevent it from breaking. So many of you kept asking me for hair tips — probably because of my long blonde hair — so I hope this is helpful for you!

★ Shampoo & pH ►
★ My Hair Routine for Long Hair ►
★ My 11 Haircare Essential Products ►
★ Healthy Hair Isn’t What You Think… Hair Science! ►
★ My 18 Long Natural Hair Tips ►
★ Do NOT Follow These Bright Side “Tips” to Make Your Hair Grow Faster ►
★ My Hair Transformation + Hairdresser Q&A ►

1:00 Phases of Hair Growth
2:47 How to Make Your Hair Stay in the Anagen Phase (growth phase) Longer
3:15 Do Hair Vitamins Work?
5:41 Hair Structure
9:00 How Keep Hair from Breaking Off
12:13 20 Quick Tips for Preventing Hair Damage
15:18 Shampoo
16:59 Thoughts to Keep in Mind

This past year we’ve been busting hair myths with science not just to help me on my natural hair journey, but more importantly, to help you guys on your hair journeys. Whether you want waist-length natural hair, hip-length hair, hair to the floor, or just want to learn about hair and maybe keep yours a little healthier, hope this helps you see how to retain length and reach all your hair goals!

Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair 5th Edition Clarence R. Robbins. You can buy it here: (but it’s super expensive!) Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson TEDx Talk

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