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DIY Scalp Oil. This mix of these 2 oils greatly helps GROW hair faster, helps with thinning hair and helps prevent hair loss! I used this mix a few years ago when I grew my hair out (my thumbnail photo) and am now starting to use it again to grow my hair longer after cutting it. I mix equal parts of castor oil (look for cold pressed, hexane free, unrefined) with onion seed oil in a amber glass bottle with a dropper (this is how I like to mix and store it). Castor oil is well known for hair growth and is rich in fatty acids. Onion oil is rich in sulfur which is a building block for hair. Both these oils are antibacterial, antifungal and both help to stimulate new hair growth. I also like to add about 5 drops of rosemary oil to the mix in order to mask the scent of onion and rosemary also stimulates the hair follicles for new growth as well. I warm my oil under hot water and spray my scalp with a little water to help with better absorption of the oil into the scalp. Then I apply a few drops directly onto my scalp all over my head, parting my hair as I go. I massage the oil into my scalp for a good 3 to 5 minutes and then I leave it on my scalp for at least an hour or more, sometimes overnight. I do not put the oil all over my hair, but only on the scalp. I like to use a lavender mint shampoo to wash out the oil (this also stimulates the scalp) and follow that with a neem conditioner which promotes healthy scalp and hair. This is great for men or women!
Products shown:
CASTOR OIL: (Home Health brand I have) OR (other brands of cold pressed castor oil)

ONION OIL: (Au Natural brand I have) OR (other brands of organic onion oil)

ROSEMARY OIL: (Now brand that I have) OR (other brands or pure rosemary oil)




MY TOP: (I got it in size small)
My Camera:

My Ring Light:

My Box Lights:

Some of my FAVORITE skin care, hair care and makeup items I ALWAYS repurchase!
-RETIN A (this is a prescription in the U.S.)

-BEENIGMA: It helps build collagen, hydrate and is the ONLY cream that I mix with my Retin A so I have NO irritation! I mix a little beenigma with my retin a and a fade cream every night and then use beenigma alone in the morning under my makeup. for $40 OFF each jar and Free shipping! (Can change how often you get a jar sent by simply contacting their customer service—I purchase this for myself using the link they gave me)

FADE CREAM: I use a 3% hydroquinone: or a 2% hydroquinone: for 4 months then I switch to a non-hydroquinone fade cream for 1 month and then back on my hydroquinone product.

DERMAROLLER: 0.25 mm roller (can be used nightly):
0.5 mm roller (I use it 1 x every 2 weeks):
OR Use code: beautybyanne for 10% OFF entire order and FREE shipping within the U.S!
I love the 0.25 mm and 0.5mm Derma rollers!


EYELINER (stays in place!): I wear navy in upper waterline

MASCARA (I use the waterproof):

PLUMPING BALMS: Filorga and Soap & Glory I use these after dermarolling my lips to help build collagen (they both have peptides)

LANOLIN OINTMENT: I put this on my lips every night and no more chapped lips!

HAIR/DRY TEXTURE SPRAY: I use a little of this every time I style my hair to add texture

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I do use some amazon and magic links

superWowstyle inspired on diy hair growth. I wanted to share how I grew my hair out and what I am using now to grow it again after having it shoulder length for a year.

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