Hair Growth

Hair Growth Time-lapse – 1 Year

My hair grew 6″ in a year (1/2″ a month) which is the average hair growth rate.

Currently taking a weekly photograph for a 2 year time-lapse video. See you then!

Why did you trim your hair?
I trimmed twice at the back of my neck that year so that I could straighten it (it was growing in a “V” shape). If you look at the previous images, you will see some hair growing down the side of my neck. I cleaned that up. The hair at the top of my head remained untouched and that is what I measured.

What vitamins did you take?
None. You’ll see comments saying this is a slow hair growth and others saying it is fast. This is average. I didn’t try to make it grow faster.

What is your instagram?
I don’t have instagram.

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