Hair Growth

How I grew my hair long and healthy! TIPS + TRICKS

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My hair timeline:
2016- long healthy hair.
End of 2016- first started to go more blonde
2017- hair started getting shorter but still long. Started feeling less thick and full.
2018- hair was the shortest it’s ever been. Thinnest it’s ever been and completely damaged. Super blonde!
2019- stopped being vegan. Hair grew a little but not as much growth as I should’ve seen in a year. Still didn’t feel full like it was. I got a small hair trim but nothing significant.
2020- hair started to grow a little more. (I never took prenatals while pregnant bc they made me sick). I started the one week on one week off with hot tools. Hair started to feel more full. 2 years since being vegan. Tried Bondi Boost shampoo and conditioner. Hair grew more this year than any other year!
2021- got to tried the Bondi hair vitamins. Continued with everything else I was doing.

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