Hair Growth

How to make Ginger Oil at Home for Hair Growth, Skin, and Swelling

Homemade Ginger Oil for Hair, Skin, Face, Swelling, and Hair regrowth. This oil helps to reduce swelling such as lymphedema, or arthritis. The extraction process takes a few days but the ginger contents will be extracted.

– you need fresh ginger roots or dried ginger
– you need a carrier oil with additional benefits you need such as hair, skin, and face. I used coconut oil because it provides all these and I like the smell. If you need a specific smell, use any essential oil with additional benefits you need.

Benefits and Usage
– to reduce swelling
– for hair growth
– for the skin to stop skin wrinkling
– treats lymphedema (any blockage of the lymphatic system)

The health benefits of ginger oil are mainly for reducing swelling, reducing pain due to arthritis, and eczema. Others include use for varicose vein management.

How to make ginger tea:
How to make ginger powder – Ginger powder making:
How to peel, grate and mince Ginger:
How to store ginger:

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