How To Make Rice Conditioner For Extreme Hair Growth| Live Demo

Benefits of Each ingredients

Rice water for hair treatment offers a significant benefits including reducing surface friction and increasing hair elasticity which ultimately stops hair breakage and hair fall. Rice water has high protein content which could keep the split ends away. Rice water is the best protein shot your hair needs for frizzy hair. The amino acids in the rice water fill in the gaps in your damaged hair and make them shiny and healthier.Using rice has conditioner can enhance the texture because it adds volume to your hair. You can also expect to have stronger, smoother and healthier hair. It contains inositol, a carbohydrate that helps repair and strengthens damaged hair

Moringa, the iron in moringa makes it logical ingredient for healthy hair growth among women. This is because iron helps carry oxygen in the blood, all the way to your scalp. When any living organism has a fresh supply of oxygen it grows better, including your hair follicles

Egg yolk is rich in the vitamins that may make hair more resistant to damage. The yolk may be especially useful to moisturize hair that appears dry.Egg can be superfood for your hair due to the unique combination of vitamins found inside. Vitamins A and E, biotin, and folate are just some of the nutrients that researchers have linked to hair growth and healthy hair.Applying egg yolk topically to your scalp can infuse the root of your hair with vitamins. This means that the new hair will grow out stronger and be less prone to breakage and shedding. When your hair doesn’t fall out as much, it becomes fuller which can even seem like it’s growing in faster.

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