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How to Stop Hair Fall in Men | 6 Remedies to Grow Hair Faster Naturally | Yatinder Singh

In this video, I have shared 6 remedies to grow hair faster naturally along with the causes of hair fall. Male Pattern Baldness is very common which happens due to increased DHT but there can be other causes too. However, it can be cured and hair growth can be regained back with few simple remedies.

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Here are the simple home remedies that has been shared:

2:47 Onion and Fenugreek Juice
3:18 Aloe Vera Gel Conditioner
3:58 DHT Blocker Mask
5:48 Coconut milk
6:24 Green Tea
7:01 Oil Massage

Do watch the video full and know how to stop hair fall in men and don’t forget to like the video and comment down your questions and queries.

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