How your sleep affects your hair growth!

Hey GlamFam! In this video I will be talking to you about how your sleep routine/ bed routine impacts your hair growth and length retention! I will give you some SUPER PRACTICAL tips, with a bit of petty, to help you succeed on your hair journey! These changes may seem simple, but they make the most AMAZING difference!

Here are some links to products mentioned:
Silk Scarf:
Satin Bonnet:
Satin Pillowcase:
Satin Sheets:

I will caution you, please, don’t buy one of those cheap satin bonnets for Walmart or the beauty supply store, often they are actually Nylon and give very little protection. The one I linked is actually one I would recommend because of the thickness of the satin, the smooth texture on both sides, and the adjustability of the cap. Trust me, it’s worth the extra investment.

I hope this video has been super helpful for you! If so, let me know in the comments below! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
Until next time Glamfam, take care, God bless, stay Glam, and you KNOW I love you boo!

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