Lunar hair Cutting | Fast Hair Growth | Updated Ver. | YVONNI

If your wondering when is the best time to cut your hair, This hair growth method, Lunar Hair Cutting, will help you achieve fast hair growth and any other hair goals you may have.

It is believed that the moon has a similar affect on our bodies as it does bodies of water.

The moon has been used for centuries to improve the growth rate and, theoretically, it can be used to improve your hair growth as well.

-The Waxing Moon is the best moon phase for hair growth (3-5 days after a new moon)
– In terms of Zodiac signs, Earth & Water signs are the best for hair growth

Lunar Hair cutting for Type 1-2 Hair (straight/wavy)
-Earth signs are best (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Lunar Hair cutting for Type 3-4 Hair (curly/kinky)
-Water signs are best (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)


4-5th (Cancer)
9-10th (Virgo)

9-10th ( Scorpio)
15th (Capricorn)

6‐8th ( Scorpio)
11-13 (Capricorn)

3rd-4th (Scorpio)
7-8th (Capricorn)

4- 6th ( Capricorn)
9 – 11th ( Pisces)

7th ( Pisces)
10-11th ( Taurus)