My 3 Year Relaxed Hair Growth Journey & Exactly How I Did It (With Pictures)

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Links to some of the videos I mentioned in this video:

The Science Behind the Growth Plateau Video:

Why Many Black Women Don’t have long Hair, The Role of Genetics & Race In Hair Growth:

Best Protective Style for Hair Growth Video:

How to Take Down a Protective Style to Retain the Most Length:

More In Depth Video about My “Regimen”:

Relaxed Hair Shaming, Why I Didn’t Go Natural:

In this video I talk about how I grew my hair long! I hope you enjoy!
In this video, I answer questions like- Why is my relaxed hair breaking, or Why is my relaxed hair so thin, or Why is my relaxed hair falling out, or Why is my relaxed hair shedding so much, or Why is my relaxed hair so dry.
In this video I cover how I was able to stop shedding and breakage on my relaxed hair, how to stop hair breakage after relaxer, how to grow damaged relaxed hair, how to fix relaxed hair shedding, how to take care of relaxed hair and make it grow. This video walks you through how I grew my relaxed hair long, past shoulder length, and closer to mid back length, approaching wast length. I talk about the major things that I attributed to my long black African American hair growth and I also discuss things such as my relaxed hair care routine and regimen and protective styling for my relaxed hair.
Black relaxed hair can grow! I hope this video helps you!