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Native American hair growth secrets for long HEALTHY natural hair

These Native American hair growth secrets for long healthy natural hair are amazing. Native Americans have extremely long hair and are proud of their indigenous hair. It is MORE than just hair to them and I think that is the #1 reason they have long healthy natural hair.

Resources to help Native Americans:

How to use yucca:

This ebook provides you with ALL the knowledge you need to create a regimen based on your specific hair needs. There is so much information available, this book will serve as a guide to give you clarity and an immediate action plan for your hair journey.
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Stinging nettle:
Wild mint: (comes with sage my FAVORITE herb)
Yucca Powder:


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I’m making this video in honor of Native American heritage day. This video is about how to grow long natural hair. It incorporates Native American hair growth secrets from The First People of America. Type 4 natural hair can grow very long. These are tips to easily grow Type 4 natural hair long. This natural hair advice you can use on your natural hair wash day and to maintain type 4 hair during the week. Add this natural hair advice to your natural hair routine. This video answers questions like

How to grow long natural hair? How to grow hair without rice water? What is the best oil for hair growth? What herbs grow natural hair? What are the best teas for hair growth?

I hope this video will help you on your natural hair journey. And give you the advice to grow natural hair long and fast!

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