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Kerahealth Hair Loss Thinning Vitamin Supplement Treatment Pills For Women With Biotin and Keratin Helps in Hair Growth -Clinically Tested Made With Natural & Safe Ingredients
Keratin based hair care supplement targeting female hair loss, thinning and damaged hair whilst stimulating fast hair growth and hair health.
Neutraceutical formula contains exclusive French ingredient KerCysteine, SOD SuperOxide Dismutase and scientifically identified premium vitamins and minerals
KerCysteine is a clinically tested, exclusive, highly absorbable form of naturally sourced keratin that nourishes hair follicles, stimulates hair growth and reduces hair fall
SOD is one of the most powerful and primary antioxidants, clinically tested and sourced from a species of melons only found in the South of France. Protects against free radicals and environmental factors that can threaten the vitality of your hair. Also promotes glowing skin
Drug free, gluten free, lactose free, trans fat free, cruelty free, gimmick free.
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