Real Hair Growth Results with Simple Routine!

SUMMARY: I use Rogaine/Minoxidil every night, Dermapen once a week, Biotin supplements, and nizoral 1-2x per week.

The whole process takes 3-4 minutes a day with an extra 6-10 minute microneedling session weekly. The dermapen is expensive, but after that purchase I spend less than 20 bucks a month on these products. The dermaroller is a cheaper alternative to the dermapen, but is known to be more painful.

For me, it takes 20 bucks a month and 5 minutes a day to gain and maintain results.

Products that I use:

Rogaine foam (Minoxidil):

Biotin Supplements:

Dermapen (1.5mm depth, 12 pin cartridges):



Rogaine Alternative: Minoxidil Topical Solution (liquid):

Dermapen Alternative: Dermaroller:

Dermapen Alternative: Dermastamp:

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