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SUMMER SPECIAL HAIR TIPS – Fix Damaged Hair and Enhance Healthy Hair Growth with Dabur Amla Hair oil

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In this video, I will talk about how to take care of your hair with Dabur Amla Hair oil, but first let’s take a
look at the following:
a) About Dabur Amla Hair Oil
b) Nutritional Benefits of Amla
c) Why Dabur Amla Hair Oil
d) Ways to use Dabur Amla Hair Oi
About Dabur Amla Hair Oil:  Strengthen your hair from roots to tips  Dabur Amla hair oil has amla extract. Amla is known to be a power fruit for your hair  Dabur Amla hair oils penetrates well into your scalp, nourishes your scalp & hair with the
power of amla
 Dabur Amla helps make your hair strong from the roots, helps in hair growth to give longer
hair & also makes them thick & shiny
Nutritional Benefits of Amla:  Amla is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C. (1 Tiny Amla = 2 Medium Oranges)  It is enriched with Omega 3 and Antioxidants.  Amla Oil naturally strengthens hair from root to tip.
Why Dabur Amla Hair Oil?
 Moisturizes your scalp
 Prevents from any hair damage
 Controls pre-mature greying of hair  Gives you glowing & healthy tresses  Enhances healthy hair growth

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