The Protective Style That Makes Hair Grow Like Crazy vs. The Not So Good Ones

Best protective styles for natural hair or relaxed hair. Best protective hairstyles for short natural hair , long natural hair, or relaxed hair. These hairstyles literally work for everybody and are the best way to learn how to grow natural or relaxed hair, because the best way to grow your hair longer it to leave it alone and do protective styles and low maintenance hairstyles. Many protective styles are simple and easy for any one to do, so go out ad try it! Have you ever asked yourself, is crochet braids bad for your hair, or is crochet braids a protective style or is crochet braids good for your hair, or is crochet braids better than box braids. You may have also wondered about box braids and asked, are box braids good or bad for your hair growth or if it is good for transitioning hair. Also there is a common myth that sew in weaves are bad for your hair, so you may have asked yourself, are weaves good for hair growth. Do weaves make your hair grow or damage your hair. I answer all of these questions in this video and give an in deep comparison on all the protective hairstyles and tell you how to make your natural or relaxed hair grow long through protective styling.