Wash Day For Moisture & FAST HAIR GROWTH Using MIRACLE DROPS | Kaleidoscope Hair Products

Hey you guys! I am now an ambassador for Kaleidoscope hair products! They sent me a bunch of their products that I will be using, and also sharing my results and reviews with you all. Kaleidoscope hair products was created by BB Judy, and are famous for their Miracle Drops, hair drops that help grow back bald/thin spots! Watch the video to see me use 3 of their products: the Moisture Silk Shampoo, Moisture Silk Conditioner, and Miracle Drops. Some of these products are now available at target. I’ll leave links down below. XOXO.

Moisture Miracle Shampoo
Moisture Silk Shampoo (New)
Moisture Miracle Conditioner
Moisture Silk Conditioner (New)
Moisture Pack Bundle
Moisture Pack Hair System (New)
Miracle Drops
Turbie Twist Towel