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Last time, we spoke about the negative things of being a guy with long hair. And in this video, we’re gonna cover the positive things of being a guy with long hair because there also is 17 of them too lol.

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Now let’s get into the positives of being a guy with long hair.
1. You can quickly and dramatically change your appearance. I can go from looking like a lion to a sensei in 3.5 seconds.

2. You can style it far more ways than one. You can do all the man bun variations, you can look homeless, you can wear it to the right, you can wear it to the left, you can wear it up, you can wear it down, you name it. There’s no rules and the variety is psycho. When you’ve got a quiff, all you can do is a quiff.
3. Speaking of styling, if you wake up and you can’t be f#cked doing your hair, that’s when the man bun is God’s greatest gift. ‘Cause you can just put it up and off you go. ♪ Ahh. ♪

4. Your resilience and skin become 10x thicker. I’m actually so much more confident like I’m feeling myself. We all know that surviving the awkward stage is very, very tough. Not only with the comments from the other people, but also our own internal ones. And, growing your hair out to make it long actually helped me overcome that and I’m loving it and you can do it too.

5. Long hair is not mainstream and I like that. I like anything that’s a little bit different and alternative. And I think it really shows that you’re not afraid to explore your personal style, which I am all for. That’s it.

6. It makes you 10x more photogenic. Seriously, the flow in my photos these days, like this one, and this one, and this one, and this one. I feel like I’ve got so much more animation to me and there’s so much more of a story going on when I’m like… When I had short hair, that was quite restricting, and now I’ve got the flow. And you can learn how to do that too.

7. You don’t have to go to the hairdresser all that often. The only really important thing you have to maintain is the ends, which you can get cut every three months. Take that all you guys with taper fades. Just kidding, you have cool hair as well.

8. This one’s a little bit cliche, but in the winter time, it keeps you nice and warm. We all know that our neck and head are one of those places when they’re cold, everything’s cold. With long hair, I’m definitely safe and shielded, although it’s summer right now and that is not the case. I’m wearing this hair out on my neck right now for you guys.

9. When you have long hair, facial hair is 10x more likely to suit you. I think this is because, whoever god is, whatever… However we got made, we were made to have ever growing hair and a beard. No wonder facial hair looks great with long hair because that’s how we were actually built. So embrace that. I might make it my mission to get everybody walking around with long hair and beard so we all look like Jesus.

10. Long hair seems to attract more free-spirited and open people. A lot of the boys and girls that I know that find guys with long hair super hot are usually very like open, very fun and energetic, and they’re the kind of people I like. So, I’ll take more of them thanks.

For the other 7, you’ll have to watch the video because I’m running out of description characters lol 😉

I hope there were some in there that you didn’t really think of. I kind of sat there for a minute thinking about, what are all the things I love? Because obviously, it’s very easy to poke out all the negatives, especially with the growing out phase and things like that. But looking at the positives was also a really good thing. And it also brought me a little bit more appreciation for having the hair, and going like, “Yeah, I can do all that.”

So, I hope that I gave you guys a little bit of inspiration to keep going with your growing out journey, or if you’ve already got your long hair, go and play with some of those things. Jump in the beach, learn how to braid, do something like that. It’ll be really cool and it’ll make you love your hair so much more. I really hope you enjoyed this video. Please give it a thumbs up if you liked it, and I’ll see you next week for another one.

Yours in good hair,


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