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4 Strand Waterfall Braid Updo| Quick & Easy Hairstyles | How to Braid Own Hair

simple hairstyles for everyday but still special looking easy hair do for busy life! This is great easy hairstyle for school hairstyle, for office, gym hairstyle or any daily meeting! This look is very beautiful but still quick and easy to do, you need 10 minutes to complete the whole look! Messy buns are beautiful but fit perfectly for daily look! This hairstyle is great for long hair, and medium hair! Braided hairstyles are great way to keep your hair out of your face the whole day! Braided headband hairstyles are elegant and work perfectly for picture day and for looks that need something to highlight your face.

Video includes

How to make partings for this hairstyle, how to part your hair
You need for this hairstyle just simple side partings and section from front to the headband waterfall braid

How to braid 4-strand waterfall braid as a headband

Take 4 hair sections and beginning to bring hair from left side under and over the middle. Then take the right hair strand and bring it over and under the middle. After that take left most hair strand and bring it again under and the over the middle. Leave the rightmost hair strand out of the braid. Replace that strand with a new one, bring it over and under. Start again from the left side and bring hair strand under, add hair, over. Leave the waterfall section out from the right side, and replace it with the new one. Bring tat strand over and under.

How to create a messy bun without bobby pins, hot to create quick updo, super quick messy bun, updo tutorial, updo bun, updo for long hair

First make the ponytail. After your all hair is in the ponytail, create the base shape with bobble. Pull it out and then slip the ends of your hair inside the bun. If your hair is medium length, you won’t probably need this step.


Use some water to get more texture for hair – that makes hair easier to handle.

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