5 EASY DIY Back-to-School Hairstyles!

Today I’m going to be showing y’all 5 of my favorite EASY hairstyles that are perfect for #school! I wear these hairstyles all the time, and I always get asked at school about how I do them! Which hairstyle is your favorite??

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Being Mindy’s (from CuteGirlsHairstyles) daughter doesn’t exactly qualify me as an expert in hair, but I definitely have my favorites. My mom is amazing, and she definitely has expanded my horizons beyond just simple braiding. Plus, I used to have really long hair, and I just recently cut it into a much shorter style! The great thing about all of these hairstyles, is that they can work well and look good in long or short hair! 😍

Each of these hairstyles can help make #backtoschool mornings so much easier, because you don’t really have to think about a new style to do!

Do you have long hair or short hair? How do you style it every day? Comment below!

In this video, you’ll see me create the following #DIY #hairstyles:

* French Twist (at least that’s what I call the style lol)
* French Twist into 2 Messy Buns
* French Twist into 1 Messy Bun
* High Ponytail (with lots of volume)
* Dutch Braid (all the way down the head)

Everyone braids/twists their hair super differently, it’s all about finding what is the most natural and comfortable stitching for you! Hopefully you’ll learn something from my video, and then you can play with the style, personalize it, and really make it your own! Everyone’s hair is so different, so the main thing to remember is that practice makes perfect! It gets easier every time you do it. Some of these used to take me forever to do my own hair, and now I barely even need a mirror!

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