how I style my bangs (◕‿◕✿) + EASY hairstyles (90’s inspo!)

i am tryin my best out here

*scroll down for blowdryer links*

Getting BANGS (Glow Up): 
Dressing out of my Comfort Zone to COLLEGE:
Who knows me better?! BROTHER vs. BOYFRIEND:


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$20 blowdryer:
$50 blowdryer:

I use the $50 one, but my mom has the $20 one and says it works just as well (it just might not last as long)! Either way they both last a long time!!! If you buy the $50 make sure that you switch the voltage (w/ a screwdriver) so that it blows out the air with enough force!

*non-spon these hairdryers r just the best invention

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