How to Get the Most Hair Volume in the Least Amount of Time


Quick: Mousse Roots and Blow Dry (10 Minutes)

“This is perfect for second-day hair with no wash,” says Litscher. “Mist the root area lightly with a water bottle. Using a mousse (my favorite is Kerastase Mousse Bouffante), fill the palm of your hand with the product and using your other hand apply a small amount section by section to the root area. Use your hand as a comb and blow dry the product in, lifting the hair 90 degrees from the head to help create the most body. When dry, blast with the cold shot and boom! Done.”

Quicker: Tease It (7 Minutes)

“Carry a comb in your purse—I recommend a small fine-tooth rat tail comb. Section off the top of your hair (grab from the temple area to the back of your head), then starting in the back area around the high point of the head, take about an inch-wide section and hold 90 degrees from the head, holding the teasing comb horizontally. Lightly press the comb in from the back and push down, angling slightly,” says Litscher. “This will tease the hair, not rat it! Continue the same technique throughout the hair you’ve sectioned off. I find working from the back to the front is the easiest and most effective. Finish by lightly combing the hair on top to smooth it out and spritzing with hairspray.”

Quickest: Flip and Massage (2 minutes)

“Spray dry shampoo from roots to ends—shake the can first and hold it about 5 to 6 inches away from your scalp when you use it. (My fave is Pureology fresh approach dry shampoo). Flip your head upside down and massage your scalp with both hands to work in the dry shampoo and lift the hair from the roots to create instant volume.”