Argan trees stick relentlessly to the inclines of unpleasant slopes and appear to flourish between the rocks on poor soil. Growing up to a rise of 1,500 m (4,920 FT), they just need yearly from 100 to 200 ml (4 to 8 in) of rainfall.

arganoiltreeNot able to withstand icy climate, however a phenomenal resister to great high temperature and dry season, they are perfect for the atmosphere of the dry south eastern coast of Morroco. The Argan, which recovers from both seed and coppice, is more like a bush than a tree, particularly in its initial couple of years of development. It is a little thick to medium-sized spreading tree – frequently with a bent and contorted trunk. Obliging no development, it can grow up to 10 m (33 ft) high and live from 150 to 200 years. The foundations of the Argan go down into the earth profound looking for water, serving to tie the dirt and anticipate disintegration. Its leaves are similar to those of the olive tree, however, more full fit as a fiddle. Blooms show up in late spring, emulated by the green olive-like products of the soil which ages in March. argan oil from morocco

The process to make Morroco Argan oil is discussed below:

First and foremost, the ladies reap the olive-sized nuts from the Argan trees, which develop just in the south west of Morocco. The ladies allow the nuts to dry and when dried they look like tan and withered whereas when they pick them they look like green olives. To make a liter of oil, you need 88 Argan fruit. When the nuts are dry, the ladies utilize two stones to break separated the dried tissue of the nut, and afterward to split away the body. It’s Tough. Then, they pound the nuts by hand (they say it protects the sound supplements better than machine pressing) until they have a runny glue like common nutty spread.

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At long last, they crush the glue by hand to concentrate the oil. The oil is packaged and the staying robust stuff left from pressing is nourished to the goats as an exceptional treat. Morroco Argan oil is very healthy because it holds 80% of unsaturated fats like oleic and linoleic. The benefits of Argan oil on health includes diminishing cholesterol levels and supporting the body’s common safeguards.


The Morroco Argan oil is stuffed with regular vitamin E and is utilized as a healthy skin item. Argan oil’s hostile to maturing impact on the skin and capacity to mellow it makes it a famous part in Moroccan beautifiers. The oil can also secure against skin diseases. More than oil is produced using the Argan kernel. A tan shaded glue called amlou is produced using the kernel, sweetened and served as a breakfast bread spread by Berbers.

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Other than the monetary profits that could be prodded by expanding finance in Argan items, exertions to ensure to potentially expand the amount of trees will help nature’s domain. The trees’ profound roots help tie the dirt and avoid disintegration. With the ability of yielding heavenly oil, skin health management items, a sweet glue, and sparing nature, the Moroccan “The Tree of Life” earned a merited name.

Health Benefits Of Argan Oil

oil is one of the most beneficial and precious cosmetic oil around the world. It is also very beneficial for the healthy skin, functioning of the body, hair and nails. It really affects the functioning of various body parts. Here in this article we will discuss various of argan oil. Argan oil is more beneficial than other various cosmetic oil such as olive oil, fish oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil and so on. Given below are some of the health benefits of argan oil.

Argan oil is very advantageous for over all health as it includes polyphenoles, sterols, vitamin E, carotenoids and unsaturated fatty acids. The most important point is that it does not affect your immune system as it was exposed by the research on male rats that were fed various oils such as sunflower oil, olive oil, coconut oil and argan oil as well. Investigation showed that this oil had great results in the triggering and regulation of immune system of the body.

This oil is very beneficial for balanced dietary part as its nontoxic nature for the immunity system. So you can simply and consistently utilize for balanced diet like olive oil. Argan oil includes 8grams fat, 3.4 milligrams proteins, 1.4 gram saturated fat, 3grams polyunsaturated fat and 3.4 monounsaturated fat. Argan oil is very effective for maintaining proper cholesterol level in the body. This oil also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which is very good for skin and also for your overall health.

This oil can be used for both external and internal purposes such as for massages, hair loss problem, for treating dandruff, acne, wrinkles, and burns for treating rheumatism and so on. It is also used in your food or enhances various dishes such as in salads, soups, sweet potatoes or goat’s cheese and also in desserts as well.

Argan oil has number of advantages for human health as it can cure and prevent cardiovascular issues. Daily use of this oil can provide you a healthy-heart and also healthy lifestyle as it provides essential nutrients to the body. It is also very useful reduce and prevent the malignant cells in the body of people who are suffering from cancer. Argan oil also deal with various inflammatory skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis and chickenpox and also very effective for people who are suffering from arthritis.

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